An accomplished novelist, screenwriter, and producer, he won the Pulitzer Prize at 23 for his novel Mona Lisa's Facial.  His breakout film, Emo Sniper, received 3 MTV movie awards including Best Film, Best On-Screen Kiss, and Best Original Song by Dashboard Confessional.  His novels include I Smoked Weed With Jesus, Crackhead Squirrel, and Duck Rape. He also published a collection of essays entitled Chapped Lips/Dick.
A Platinum selling recording artist and Grammy Nominee, Kate broke onto the scene at 23 with her album Nothing Can Make Me Smile. Her sophomore album I'm Still Not Smiling, and, most recently, Seriously, Not Even A Grin set iTunes downloading records. Her on-again-off-again relationship with the author/ screenwriter Jarred Michaels, is known tabloid fodder. Nearly as much as her outlandish fashion and lip-synching.

Perhaps better known by his rap alias, “Ivan Ill-Iach”, Alex is a senior at Yale where he studies Russian literature and dabbles in the campus art scene.  He recorded his first EP during his junior year, entitled When These Fools Russian followed by his LP Notes from Yale's Underground. Often seen in the company of his older brother, Jarred Michaels, he is somewhat notorious for his prolific and unabashed use of recreational stimulants and his penchant for working women.
In what many will consider to be her breakout year, Virginie was nominated in an astounding 28 categories at the 2008 Adult Video Awards, including Best Gang Bang Scene (8 Guys, 1 Girl, and an Elevator), Best Blow Job (Sloppy Seconds), Best Performance in a Parody (Gang Bangs of New York) and ultimately took home the Woodie for Best New Starlet . Lick My Slit or Slit My Wrists, her first crossover film co-starring Oscar Winner Natalynne Orbrook, quickly became the indie darling of the 2011 Toronto Film Festival.
Long considered one of the premiere actresses of our time, Natalynne has garnered three Nominations and two Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actress in Mary's Chapter and Best Actress in 2009’s Emily Doesn't Like the Dickinson.  She is often compared to contemporaries like Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet and Salma Hayek for her range and employment of the Stanislavski's system in preparing for roles. In her spare time, she heads the charity, Grant Immigrants Grants.